Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


At Beta Theta Pi, we recognize that technology is an integral part of the modern college experience, and to succeed, students need easy access to this technology. To that end, Beta provides a variety of resources for members, including a well-maintained computer lab. WiFi and network ports connect every room and many common areas of the house, providing high-speed internet access for personal computers.

Beta's computer lab

Use of Beta’s computer lab is provided to all house members. It is located in the basement of the Alpha Tau chapter house and is available 24 hours a day. The lab provides:

  • 4 Windows 10 workstations
  • Apple iMac 27" workstation
  • Black & white laser printer
  • High-volume copier
  • Color scanner
  • Secure, backed-up network storage of documents
  • Conference room with TV

Continued investment

Beta's conference room

Beginning in 2005, the chapter has pursued several educational grants for various major improvements to the chapter house. The first was a proposal to contract with Information Services for the installation of wireless networking throughout the chapter house. The second was a proposal to purchase two high-volume laser printers, one for black & white documents and the other for color documents. The third proposal was to improve the chapter’s conference room, including the installation of a video projector and audio/video system. These proposals were pursued by the former Technology Chairman, Mark Antonson, with full support from the chapter. They were approved by Beta Theta Pi's Grant Committee in the Spring of 2007, and have been implemented.

Most recently, the chapter pursued a fourth grant to replace Beta's computer lab with brand new equipment, which was approved and implemented in the Spring of 2008. The chapter, with the support of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, plans to continue investing in technology as needed to ensure Beta's have the very best academic resources available at UNL.

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