Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Investing in Alpha Tau

We urge your thoughtful consideration of this project. You are the only one who can place a value on your Beta Theta Pi membership—on the lifelong friendships you made, on the values and principles that were instilled in you, and on the many ways Alpha Tau enhanced your college years. All the brothers who came before us made it possible for us to experience Beta. Now it is our turn to guarantee future generations of Alpha Tau brothers will have the same opportunities that we treasure today.

Members receiving awards

Alpha Tau:

  • ranks first in grades among all fraternities on campus.
  • won 10 Knox awards in the award’s 11-year existence. The Knox award is the most prestigious award a chapter can win and Alpha Tau has won more than any other chapter in the country.
  • received 17 Sisson awards, the second most prestigious award given out by the Fraternity.
  • was awarded the National Inter-Fraternity Council Award of Distinction.
  • members have been inducted into the innocents Society (10) in the past five years, and Mortar Board (4).

Think big, make a big impact

Because of the magnitude of our objectives, we are urging all alumnae to consider major gifts to the campaign. In order for each alumnus to maximize his participation, gifts can be structured over a five-year pledge period. However, early gifts to the campaign are preferable to help reduce borrowing costs. Gifts in honor or in memory of other Betas, as well as family and pledge class gifts, are welcome. Recognition in such cases will be given to both the donor and the honoree.

Donor recognition

Giving levels

Each of us, simply by our presence, has contributed to the history of Alpha Tau. How appropriate then that each of our names be entered into its halls. Each donor who contributes $2,500 or more will be recognized on a prominently displayed plaque. All donors contributing to the campaign will be recognized in campaign publications, unless otherwise requested.

Tax-deductible gifts

Gifts to the campaign are 100% tax deductible through the University of Nebraska Foundation and designated for the Alpha Tau Chapter. Gifts through the Foundation will be directed to the Historic Preservation or Educational Fund and will be used for the preservation and enhancement of our historic home and its internal spaces. The University will count gifts received by the fund toward the donor’s total contributions to the University.

Non-tax-deductible gifts needed

A portion of the project is deemed non-educational and non-historic preservation, which means there is a need for contributions that are not tax deductible to complete the project with minimal debt placed on the chapter. Expenses such as furniture, fixtures, appliances, carpeting, equipment and development fees, as well as repaving the parking lot, cannot be paid for with tax-deductible dollars. Therefore, donors are encouraged to consider directing a portion of their gift to the Beta Theta Pi Alumni Association of Nebraska.

Investing in lives for enduring returns

College fraternities continue to play a relevant role in the lives of young men. Today, perhaps more than ever, it is important that we provide young college men with a small, group environment that offers them a solid foundation for their education and also affords them opportunities for high academic achievement and the development of leadership and social skills.

Our undergraduate brothers have already made a commitment to work hard in maintaining the programs and traditions that have benefited the lives of so many members over the years. Together with our undergraduates, the campaign committee is committed to this major undertaking that will allow us to restore our chapter house, in turn cementing Beta Theta Pi’s position as the preeminent fraternity at Nebraska.

Will you answer the call?

Now it is your turn to step up and support the financial challenge associated with this project, ensuring that the same valuable experience we enjoyed is available for others who follow. Remember that each of us benefited from the generosity, work, and sacrifice of those who went before us. We all enjoyed the house and brotherhood that Alpha Tau provided during our years in Lincoln.

The commitment we make today cannot be underestimated—it will have a ripple effect on the lives of future Alpha Taus for years to come.