Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Life at Beta Theta Pi

Living at Beta is an incredible experience for the young men that are a part of our fraternity. The house fosters an environment of personal growth as well as social and academic achievement. Thanks to our generous alumni, in 2013 Beta completed a 3 million dollar renovation of the chapter house at 1515 R Street. This renovation has ensured that Beta will provide a positive environment for current Betas as well as countless future undergraduates.

Our men are able to live in the chapter house as soon as they pledge their freshman year. At Beta we are provided homecooked meals everyday, wi-fi, laundry, and printing. Our house cook utilizes a modern cooking facility to provide quality meals to undergraduates every day. In addition, Beta has pledged to eliminate styrofoam usage in its kitchen which has allowed us to ensure food quality and minimize waste.

Beta Chapter House

There is never a dull moment in the chapter house. On any given day, Betas may be preparing for philanthropies, competing in intramural competitions, or attending social events. Beta strives to provide a rewarding, well-rounded college experience. Whether in academics, campus involvement, intramural competition, or social engagement, Betas are sure to find their niche within the undergraduate chapter.