Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Taking advantage of Beta's study area

The men of the Alpha Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi recognize that academic success in college is extremely important. As an organization, one of our primary missions is to cultivate the intellect of all our members. This strong emphasis on academics has allowed our young men to achieve a high level of scholastic success. Our chapter GPA is consistently in the top 3 on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s campus with an average member GPA of 3.4 to 3.5. The all-male University average GPA is 3.197.

As a young man entering college at the University of Nebraska, academics will undoubtedly be your primary focus. The Alpha Tau chapter recognizes this, and encourages new members to achieve the highest degree of academic success possible. As an incoming pledge of the chapter, new members are expected to attend study hours, visit with their respective professors, turn in grade reports, and attain an overall GPA of 2.7 or higher.

Active members of the chapter are expected to continually uphold the cultivation of the intellect throughout all of their undergraduate careers. For those active members who continually achieve a high level of academic success, scholarships are available through the General Fraternity and University.


Beta's computer lab includes copying and printing

The Alpha Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi also provides members with all of the necessary resources to be successful. Our house has a large dedicated study room, a conference room, an updated computer lab, a library, and comprehensive test files. Older, more experienced members act as an important resource and are both encouraging and willing to help. Our organization is also aware of sources of help provided through the University and community. Every fall, we host a guest speaker who provides information about university-wide academic resources.

Academic success would not be possible without the help and dedication of faculty and staff at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. As an organization, we acknowledge this dedication every year by hosting a faculty recognition night. Invited faculty attend a formal dinner followed by an awards ceremony in which we honor their devotion to the education of their students. Year after year, the banquet is a huge success, with typically over fifteen professors and teaching assistants in attendance. We were honored to hear that the English Department mentioned the banquet in their monthly newsletter.

As a college undergraduate you will experience some of the most exciting and most trying times of your life. Yet, the primary goal of your college years is to receive an education while achieving the highest level of academic success possible. Through high academic achievement, the men of the Alpha Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi are prepared for successful careers after their undergraduate years.

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