Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

TEC September Testimonial

For this month's edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Kevin Woolworth shares about his experiences as a Beta, his experience with his mentor, and many other topics. 


I have had the pleasure of meeting several alumni through being involved in the Experience Company, as well as in my role as President of the Alpha Tau chapter. The more alumni I meet, the more I can see why our house is in the great position it is in. We, the undergraduates, have an amazing support network that cares about our success and development. This cannot be said for many fraternities in the nation, or even on our campus.


As President, it is my job to progress our chapter farther and continue to strive for greatness. I am also the main contact between our chapter and University administration, our chapter advisor, Mike Wortman, the Interfraternity Council, and several other parties. However, I have also been a part of several conversations with The Experience Company in how they plan on helping our undergraduate members’ development. It is truly special and unique to have a program that seemingly paves the path for us to reach success. 


Another perk of my undergraduate years is that I have had the opportunity to travel to three different Beta leadership conferences. One of the most important things I’ve learned at these is the power of connections. By talking to other Beta members from around the nation, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work for other chapters. Through these casual conversations, I am able to bring things back to Lincoln and improve how we run our own chapter. 


The same thing can be done through The Experience Company with personal development. My mentor is someone I consider more like a friend now. We talk about much more than just mentorship, professional development, and goals as an undergraduate. We talk about life, faith, our passions, family, etc. This, I believe, is what The Experience Company is supposed to look like. Although these connections can lead to potential internships and an expanded professional network, conversations with alumni about their days as an undergraduate, and how they got to where they are today, are just as valuable. 


The relationships I have made through The Experience Company with Alpha Tau alumni, with University administrators and advocates of the Greek community, and with other members of Beta from around the nation, has grown my network tenfold. I have learned a lot about leadership and mentorship, and how important they are, especially for college students. I am extremely grateful for the unique role and experiences that I have had because I feel as if I have grown from them, and feel prepared to go out into the world after graduation and lead and mentor others. v