Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

TEC October Testimonial

For this month's edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Shaun Edgecombe shares his experiences in being the Mentor Intern for TEC . 


Shaun Edgecombe (AT 2500)


I have been working as the Mentor Program Intern for the Experience Company for around 9 months. As part of the undergraduate team, it is easy for me to express that this role has done so much for me. Before I was involved in the Experience Company, I had heard that there were openings for the mentor program and I was immediately interested. I thought that this program was going to help my brothers in the fraternity, but I then realized that I am getting out of it just was much as they are. A lot of my work comes from the mentor and undergraduate pairings, which was great. The time that I spent with Bruce McKeag and Bill Dana was amazing and hearing them express their excitement for the incoming pairings was encouraging. I knew that what I was doing was important. That was when I realized that this role is so important. In my role, I am able to do what I do best and help Beta as a whole professionally develop with a mentor on their side. 


One of the reasons I wanted to be involved in the mentorship program was because of the investment of Gallup Strengths. I am a Student Strength Coach through the Clifton Strengths Institute here at the College of Business. This role of mentorship program intern aligns well with my experience as a strength coach because I know about all 34 strengths. With this knowledge, I am able to identify those with similar and complementary strengths that would work well together, and make the best pairings possible. I couldn’t have been able to do my job without the help of the undergraduate team. If you have any comments or questions you can email me!