Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

TEC November Testimonial


For this month's edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Brooks Douglass shares his experiences with his mentor .

When I first came into Beta my expectations were that I would make connections with those who were actives in the house and I rarely thought about how I would connect with alumni. However, in the past five months, I have completely changed my perspective. When I first met my mentor, Steve Anderson, I had been told that he could be a great asset to me as far as networking and finding professional opportunities. While this is a great part of our relationship it only scratches the surface. Steve is not only a mentor but he is someone I consider a good friend. We both genuinely enjoy spending time together, getting lunch or our favorite shooting trap. Of course, Steve and I talk about what careers I am interested in and where potential internship opportunities would be but that is the minority of our discussions. Our conversations range from what is going on in our lives to hunting and I love listening to Steves stories about Beta. I am extremely grateful for The Experience Company bringing Steve and me together. My connection with Steve has made me realize that Beta is a brotherhood that lasts far longer than the four years that you are in college, it is a lifelong connection. I did get the mentor that I bargained for but I got a great friend as well, someone that cares about me and my future success.

AT 2497
Brooks Douglass