Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

TEC January Success Story

For this month's edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Jach Schulenberg shares his experiences with his mentor .

Freshman year, the factor that contributed the most impact in my life in Beta is one word; natural. Although it's an atmosphere of growth and development, it's ultimately an atmosphere that replicates a home. The relationships I have developed within Beta are those of love and compassion, and this brotherhood materializes from the alumni who built it. The opportunity to be Pete Allman's mentee has genuinely been a blessing in my life. Although Pete's mentoring is not always done in a traditional sense, but instead a way in which he allows me to guide myself. By asking questions and seeking empathy, Pete has designed a relationship in which we both allow ourselves to truly connect. I consider Pete a great mentor, but a better friend. His positive teachings influence me to be a better person and ultimately allow myself to be my best version, someone who is confident, selfless, and proud to be in Beta Theta Pi. Through bringing Pete and I together, the Experience Company has created a relationship that makes me optimistic about my future, inspiring me to run for Pledge Educator. By meeting with Pete, he allowed me to openly discuss this decision in which he completely supported me in. Although my time as Pledge Educator will be faced with difficult circumstances, having a connection to Pete and seeking his guidance will not only support, but teach me how to overcome these trials. These moments of mentorship and guidance have found their success through our relationships simplicity. It was easy to become close with Pete because he welcomed me with open arms. He can make me feel confident yet modest, and this is something that can only come naturally, similar to the atmosphere of Beta. A place of prosperity, augmentation, and nobility. So, if there is one word I can use to describe my time through Beta and mentorship with Pete, it's natural because I feel at home, and because the alumni before us made it this way.  


AT 2512

Jack Schulenberg