Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

TEC Internship Program Testimonial!

For the latest edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Phil Holubeck shares about his summer internship at Gastroenterology Specialties that he received with the help of TEC.



"In regard to my previous internship at Gastroenterology Specialties:

    I cannot adequately express my gratitude for The Experience Company and the great effort it exerts to better the lives of numerous Alpha Tau members. My own experience began with the assignment of a personal mentor, a physician renowned for his work in the Gastroenterology field, who was given the task of inciting intellectual growth within me and aiding in the fulfillment of my leadership potential.  Almost immediately, the effect on my life was immense. The influence and instruction of Dr. Antonson allowed me the hands-on process of making mistakes and developing a sense of direction on my own, coupled with a guiding hand to ultimately keep me progressing down the right path.

    Starting in January of 2018, Dr.  Antonson offered me an internship as an endoscopy technician at his clinic in Lincoln.  Within the position, I was given the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the clinic, stationed in the operation room during procedures ranging from routine colonoscopies to hemorrhoid banding.  The process of working hand-in-hand with physicians, functioning cooperatively as a team in a medical setting, and interacting with patients to navigate the delicate process of delivering a diagnosis, all served to be an invaluable experience I know I will look back on for years to come in the medical profession.

    More than simply gaining experience in a medical setting, this opportunity provided to me by The Experience Company opens numerous doors that I could not have envisioned before the start of this year.  Most notably, the ability to highlight my internship in a medical school application is momentous, providing me an upper-hand in the process above many of my peers. For that, I am incredibly grateful. My time spent with the Experience Company has been nothing but fulfilling and inspiring, and I cannot wait to see what is next to come."