Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

TEC Intern Testimonial!

For this month's edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Drew Spadaro shares about his experience as the Director of TEC's Internship Program.

Drew Spadaro (AT 2439)

“Over my college career I have had the opportunity to be apart of the undergraduate team for The Experience Company. The experience I have gained has been of great assistance regarding my search for summer internships and my overall business IQ.

                  I joined The Experience Company in the spring of 2017 during my freshman year. At that time The Experience Company was still very new as only having been in operation for about two college semesters. My first role was overlooking the content and communications of the company. It was an incredible experience, being so young in my college career, to learn about content strategy for such a young organization. I stayed in this role for about a year and then transitioned into the finance intern position. In this position I had the chance to gain experience with fundraising, budgeting, and planning. These were great areas to develop my knowledge in as an underclassman. Currently, I still handle most of the responsibilities that lie on the side of finances, but also assist the new undergraduate members of The Experience Company as they are transitioning into their new roles. As the now only upperclassman member of The Experience Company team, I have a great opportunity to communicate our company’s vision, values, and goals to the new team members. I also have the opportunity work alongside these members and aid in the development of their leadership. One of the amazing things about The Experience Company, is that the undergraduate team works together on all aspects of the company. This means that everyone on the team is working as one to move the company forward and offer value to the men of Beta Theta Pi. With this kind of structure in place, you can gain a broad range of skills and experience. Additionally, being able to work so closely with our alumni produces meaningful mentorship relationships for the entire undergrad team. Learning from our alumni and having their oversight only increases our leadership development even more. In short, The Experience Company has been a great opportunity for undergraduates to develop their skills and leadership.

                  This past summer I had the opportunity to work for TrueNorth Insurance and Financial Strategies. I was a Business Development Intern and had the chance to work on a team of twelve other interns. This was a great experience where I was able to gain technical skills such as coding, and team collaboration experience. As an Actuarial Science major, working in the insurance industry during the summer after my sophomore year was a great way to gain relevant industry knowledge and set myself up for success when searching for my 2019 summer internship. I am extremely thankful because my experience last summer may not have been possible without The Experience Company. Being able to talk about the work I have done with The Experience Company and the skills I have gained through doing so was a great advantage when competing for the business development position. I can confidently say that my involvement with The Experience Company was the first step in my own professional development that will help me reach my professional goals.”