Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mentor Program Testimonial!

The Mentorship Program has had significant positive impacts on both the mentors and the mentees participating.  One specific pairing between Mentees, Gage Mruz and Griffin Mims, and Mentor, Pete Allman has yielded outstanding results. 

GAGE AND GRIFFIN (AT 2410 & 2407)

"The experiences associated with the mentorship program have been nothing but positive and beneficial for both Griffin and myself. Getting to know Pete on a more personal level over the past year and a half has been one of the most rewarding experiences since completing our pledgeship with Beta. Pete challenges us on every level of personal growth and provokes thoughtful conversation and ideas that have allowed each of us to double down on our strengths and passions. The level of investment that Pete has put into both Griffin and I is incredible, and will play a significant role in both of our futures After sharing my career goals and aspiration with Pete, he was able to connect me with a member from an environmental consulting firm in Omaha that I had been researching for the past few months.  Through this process, I was inadvertently offered a position as a sustainability specialist for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Not only would I have not received this position without the help of Pete Allman, but I would be nowhere near my current progress in achieving my ultimate life goals. The mentorship program has been indescribably impactful for Griffin and myself." 


"There are not many things more exciting than supporting the growth,and development of another person. Investing time in which to share goals and fears openly is rewarding for everyone. My mentoring relationship with Gage and Griffin includes these dynamics. I get to ask questions about their futures, be highly interested in their hobbies, ask about some of their philosophical beliefs, suggest an interesting article or book, try to understand their tastes in music, watch Netflix documentaries, and break bread over lunch and dinner. It is also rewarding to help connect them to professionals in the community based on their academic majors."