Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Experience Company Success Story!

For the August edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Jake Lortz describes how he received a position as a congressional intern.


"The Experience Company, though in its first year of intern placement, has set so many people up for success in a very short period of time. I am extremely blessed to be a part of this initial push by our gracious alumni to provide us with many crucial resources. Though various members of The Experience Company assisted me in my search, it was eventually meeting with and getting to know Senator Dave Karnes that led to landing my position as a Congressional Intern for Nebraska’s 2nd District.

Like most, I began sending my resume to anyone who would read it last fall in hopes of landing the perfect internship to gain valuable experience. At the time, I was undecided as to which specific avenue to pursue upon graduating the following year. I had various interviews and eventual opportunities, but none seemed to be the right fit for where I wanted to go in the future. Through various phone calls and in-person meetings with Senator Karnes, he was able to use his vast network in politics to my advantage. He found the opportunity with Congressman Bacon’s District Office in Omaha and described the interesting role I would go on to play within their office. I applied and took the position for this summer where I gained a plethora of first-hand experience. Even further, my experiences this summer in government confirmed my passion for the law, giving me renewed confidence that attending law school will be the correct choice for my future.

At this time last year, I had many potential ideas for what my future may hold. However, with help from The Experience Company, I not only found an internship, but also a clear next step in my life. The best part of my story is that this example will not be unique within The Experience Company. The opportunities that The Experience Company provides are already immense, but with time they will grow to new depths by allowing even more qualified candidates access to the network of resources needed to find their own next step."