Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Experience Company Success Story!

For the July edition of The Experience Company's series of success stories, Kaleb Duncan shares his involvement as a member of The Experience Company's team and how he recieved an important position at Oath.


"Over the last two years, I had the unique opportunity of interning with and later helping to advise The Experience Company (TEC). I first heard about TEC at an alumni meeting where two outstanding Beta alumni, Grant Gregory and Steve Andersen, delivered an impassioned speech about what Alpha Tau means to them and their vision for our future. Grant and Steve understood the untapped potential of the men in our house, the storied success of our chapter at UNL, and the incredible commitment of our alumni.  Their plan was to utilize the talents of the high-quality men in Beta, leverage professional relationships with our valuable alumni base, and create a structured internship and mentorship program that’s exclusive to Alpha Tau. My mouth was practically watering by the time that meeting was over; I knew I needed to be one of the first two interns that helped get this project off the ground.

    Fast forward two years and I have befriended countless remarkable Beta alumni that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, I have helped pair 51 of my friends with alumni mentorships as well as collaborated with top executives in various fields to help place dozens of my brothers with internships in prestigious companies around the country.  In addition I was granted unique access to see how a new company scales and operates, my public speaking skills have increased tenfold, and I learned professionalism and business etiquette from the most dignified men and women I know. All of this was possible for me and every one of my brothers because of the ambition, diligence, and talents of the undergraduate team at Alpha Tau and the unparalleled commitment of numerous alumni and parents.

    I entered myself into the applicant pool to find a job after UNL graduation and ended up obtaining a position with one of Omaha’s strongest and largest companies in the advertising field. One Friday in March, my friend and the Internship Coordinator at TEC, Cole Wellman, texted me to email my resume to a manager at Oath. His mother, Alexi Wellman, who is on TEC Board of Directors and was the Global Controller of Yahoo in Omaha (which recently merged to become Oath) put in a good word for me as I’ve worked with her directly to find internships in the business field and bring professional workshops to Beta. Within an hour I had a phone call with the hiring manager from Oath and an invitation to their upcoming Open House. One thing led to the next and a month later I accepted a position as an Associate Financial Operations Analyst at Oath. I work with a team of 12 to collect over $500 million in monthly revenue from advertisers on Yahoo and affiliate websites. In addition, this position allows me to gain opportunities in many of the advertising roles within Oath.  

My story of finding success in TEC is just one of many. Twenty-two applicants entered into our summer internship pool this summer and every one of them received a high-quality internship or job.  The Experience Company has hands-down been the best opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally and I’m confident I would not be near where I am at now had I not bought into this vision. I’m thrilled to stay involved as an advisor and soon-to-be mentor and I look forward to the success TEC continues to have on the wonderful men of Alpha Tau."