Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Recruitment is All Wrapped Up!

Less than a month till classes start and the last pledges have signed. Thanks to our recruitment team that worked hard to recruit the best potential Betas. This picture features Tanner Haas, Alex Ober, Gage Mruz, and Noah Thorton. 

Summer Recruitment Event

The sophomore class shows out to the first lake event of the summer! Awesome time to meet rushees, grill some burgers, and enjoy the great weather!

Recruitment Update

This picture was taken at 8:30 at our last barbecue on Thursday, an hour after it's scheduled endtime.  Recruitees are still here talking to our guys and learning more about Beta while new pledges are playing ball and getting to know their pledge class who will soon become their brothers and best friends for life.  With this being my second year myself, it's neat to watch these men meet each other for the first time knowing that they will soon go through an incredible pledging semester that will bond them more than they could ever know.

Recruitment Update

Pat Buechler and the rest of us are doing backflips over the recruitment class this year! Many impressive young men have been making regular appearances at our weekly lake events and barbecues making the recruitment team's job difficult but exciting this year.  As the middle of June rolls around and we get into the thick of recruitment season, we want to remind you to send your recommendations Kevin's way because spots in the house will be filling up quickly in the next coming weeks.

Recruitment Update

Recruitment season has finally begun and our 2016 pledge class is beginning to shape! Even though one of them was moved indoors due to uncooperating weather, our recruitment BBQ's have been well attended by actives and recruitees alike.  Just like in the past, these have served as a great way for actives to talk about the unique opportunities that Beta has to offer as well as what what each recruitee has to offer Beta.  Over the weekend, Kevin and Kaleb visited two in Colorado while Gage and Tanner held the fort down in Lincoln.