Alpha Tau Chapter
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

About TEC


The Experience Company (TEC) supports the ambition of actives within the Alpha Tau chapter by providing them crucial resources and personal connections in a variety of fields and careers.


Internship program

The Experience Company was established to provide opportunities for leadership, professional experience, and personal growth to its undergraduate members at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Staffed and operated by a combination of undergraduates, alumni, parents, and business leaders, The Experience Company’s mission is to create the finest internship program offered by any collegiate undergraduate organization and create a network of invested professionals to provide opportunities that will significantly shape the lives of young men in a positive manner.

This year we have 25 intern candidates and are actively matching them to important employment relationships with leading companies. We are establishing relationships in the fields of Engineering, STEM, Actuarial Science, Medicine, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance. These connections are coming from elite companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, Ameritas, Oath (Yahoo), UNMC, Progress Rail, and many more. Our goal is to have all of the interns employed by the end of the fall semester.

Mentorship program

Research shows that mentorship is the primary differentiator between a successful and unsuccessful individual. Within our mentor program, every undergraduate takes the Strengths Finder examination which in return highlights their top 5 strengths. We then have a strengths coach, Mike Wortman, work personally with the members to ensure they fully understand how to employ those strengths in their everyday lives. Participants receive an alumni member chosen by TEC that will add to value to their college experience as well as guidance in their transition into the professional world. This year we have 102 individuals matched into 51 pairs that are engaged in the program.

Contribution to excellence

The continuation of excellence at Alpha Tau is dependent on not only the involvement of active members and alumni but relies heavily on support from member families. Contributions and involvement from Beta families sustain the essential functions of TEC while also giving the organization financial leverage to amplify its potential impact. As an additional benefit for donor families, all contributions to TEC are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) tax laws. Take a generous step that can aid in the creation of amazing opportunities for the undergraduates of Alpha Tau. All contributions can be sent to The Experience Company at:

The Experience Company
P.O. Box 22251
Lincoln, NE 68542

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